The Academy for Islamicjerusalem Studies (ISRA), previously known as "Islamic Research Academy" was

founded to mark the 1400th anniversary of the Muslim conquest of Islamicjerusalem by the second Caliph ('Umar Ibn al-Khattab) in 16 AH (637 AD), a radical turning point in the history of the Muslim Arab East. The Academy was established to advance Muslim education and research, with special reference to the promotion of studies and research into Islamicjerusalem Studies.



ISRA aims to fulfil the following roles:-

  • To become a national and international platform for the discussion of studies on Islamicjerusalem and provide a focus for research in Islamicjerusalem studies with special reference to advancing the study of the significance and centrality of Jerusalem to the Islamic faith and the Muslim identity.
  • To advance better understanding, mutual respect and tolerance, good relations, dialogue, and co-operation between Muslims and non-Muslim institutions, bodies and individuals whose aims are compatible with the aims of the Association.
  • To organise a programme of occasional lecture-seminars, study groups, workshops, conferences, publications and film making.
  • To support and encourage younger scholars, and to initiate and support field work, writing and research.
  • To advance cordiality with the people of Scotland and the United Kingdom by organizing and/or hosting cultural events from time to time as appropriate (such as exhibitions, costume and folkloric display).
  • To co-operate and form links, and exchange knowledge with educational bodies and institutions in Britain and abroad for the purpose of serving the objects of the Association.
  • To research relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in Jerusalem.



Since 1997 ISRA held fifteen successful international Academic conferences on Islamicjerusalem.

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To encourage young scholars and to recognise achievements two prestige awards are granted.

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ISRA has developed programs at postgraduate level and has also launched the an online Diploma.

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As a result of the lack of academic research and material on the subject of Islamicjerusalem and as part of the Academy ongoing programme to become an international platform for the discussion of the studies and issues relating to Islamicjerusalem. It has been decided to initiate an annual conference in the hope of establishing a new frame of reference. The conference aims to provide a forum for scholars working on the subject and all those who wish to enhance their appreciation of any aspect of Islamicjerusalem.

Since 1997 ISRA held nineteen successful international Academic conferences on Islamicjerusalem. ISRA will be organising the 21st Academic conference on Islamicjerusalem in December 2021. Click READ MORE below to see our upcoming and previous conferences.


The Academy has published newsletters, booklets, books, journals, posters as well as exhibitions.

These come with the aim to try to fill the gap in scholarship on Islamicjerusalem Studies, as their is a serious lack of academic research and material on the subject of Islamicjerusalem.  Recently the Academy with one of its partners have worked to provide all of these publications online through an online Library.